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Hardwood Flooring in Louisville, Kentucky

High-Class Wooden Floors

When it comes to making a statement in your home, few things compare to hardwood floors. Warm, inviting and stylish, this flooring option provides any room with the look and feel of elegance. Hardwood floors are long-lasting and uniquely beautiful, bringing natural materials together to create a down-to-earth vibe. Hardwood floors that are properly cared for can last over 100 years and significantly increase the value of your home. Make a statement during your next remodel; choose hardwood flooring.

Caring for Hardwood

Hardwood floors add value to any building that they’re in, but only if the floors are well cared for. Although wooden floors require minimal maintenance, neglecting the little care they do require can cause damage. Don’t use commercial chemicals on your floor; instead, use a damp cloth to clean up liquid as soon as it spills. Sweep and dust regularly to prevent dirt buildup, and mop occasionally with approved cleaning materials. Ask our team which cleaners are safe to use on your floor, and we’ll make sure you get the information and products you need.

Our Installation Process

Installing wooden floors requires a little extra care than other types of flooring. That’s why our installation team is expertly trained on proper techniques. First, we’ll decide if we need to remove your current flooring or install right on top of it. A number of factors determine this, and our team members will happily let you know which option is best. Then we’ll perform a moisture test, which helps prevent buckling in the wood. Finally, we’ll nail or glue the boards in place and clean up our workspace, letting you enjoy your beautiful new floors.
Add a little extra class to your home by installing hardwood floors. Swing by our store today to explore our options and find high-quality, discounted options. Call our team today to get started.