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Laminate Floors in Louisville, Kentucky

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Laminate floors are durable, affordable and eco-friendly. In many ways, they’re the perfect options for home flooring. Many people, however, shy away from choosing laminate, preferring the look of wood or tile. Now, our laminate floors give you the look and feel of wood or tile for a fraction of the cost. Don’t sacrifice style or your bank account. Now you can have the best of both worlds. Contact our team to explore your options.
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Caring for Your Floors

Taking care of laminate floors is a lot like taking care of hardwood floors. You’ll want to sweep and dust regularly and immediately clean up any spills. Blot all spills rather than wipe them up, and don’t allow liquids to stand. While these guidelines apply to hardwood floors as well, there are some differences. Unlike wood, you don’t have to buff or polish laminate. This means that there’s one less thing for you to do. Contact our store for more information.

Installing Laminate

Laminate floors can be installed directly over your old flooring in most cases. Sometimes, however, the floor will need to be removed. This is a decision made by your installer, and our expert team members are trained to make that decision. We also perform a moisture test on the area, ensuring that humidity levels won’t cause the planks to swell. After that, we install. Call us today to ask one of our team members about our laminate floor options.
Call our office today or swing by our store to receive a free estimate on your next floor replacement project. Our friendly team is ready to help you get your job done. Call now to begin.