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Luxury Vinyl Floors in Louisville, Kentucky

What Is Luxury Vinyl?

Luxury vinyl effectively reproduces the natural appearance and texture of wood or stone floors. This is usually accomplished by adhering highly realistic imagery over embossed patterns to give the look and feel of organic materials. Luxury vinyl is often available in plank shapes or individual pieces which add to its beauty.

Your Favorite Surface Without the Hassle

Luxury vinyl looks like your favorite natural materials, such as slate, travertine or marble stone surfaces as well as wood finishes like teak, maple, oak, pine and more. However, vinyl is more durable and water-resistant than organic floors. It also avoids the hassle of polishing wood floors every 3-4 years, warding off termites and repairing water damage or scratches. 

How Is Luxury Vinyl Made?

Luxury vinyl is made of several sturdy layers to maximize its life span. The topmost later is usually aluminum oxide to prevent shoe scuffs, scratches and impressions. The next later of clear film protects against more significant impact-related damage. The design layer and backing comprise the remaining sections and give your flooring strength and longevity.

Why You Should Choose Luxury Vinyl

Vinyl floors have many benefits. First, vinyl is less expensive than natural materials, such as wood or stone. Moreover, they are nonflammable, slip-resistant and easy to maintain and clean. This type of flooring also provides a nearly limitless design potential. Luxury vinyl is available in almost any texture, style or print. No matter what your interior appearance may be, this is the most versatile choice for you. 

View Our Wide Selection

Visit our showroom to view our wide selection of luxury vinyl floor options. You can count on our flooring expertise and our affordable products. We will make your new flooring project easy. Call us today for your free estimate and your free initial consultation. We also offer free, on-site measurements and consulting, so you can get exactly what you are looking for.